Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hey Pretty Young Thing- What's your favourite date outfit at the moment?

So we all know how the wheel starts turning when we are planning a date night out either with a new boy or the one who's held our hearts for some time. we may try on 10 different outfits, plastering ourselves in and out of skinny jeans, statement dresses, bad girl leather jackets in record speeds- all which normally leads to a flustered sweatier form of ourselves still as undecided as when we started. Hey it's not that appearance is everything- sure we know that's not the case- but we still like to get the 'message'' right don't we? Whether that message is I am super confident and classy with a sprinkle of retro, I'm simply bad ass, or aside from how much I know you love me- you're gonna fall in love all over again when you see me in this. 
I personally LIVE for dresses.  Preferably the 50's and 60's kind.  I think its the mix of accentuating curves (or creating them though the shapes of the styles) , polished sophistication and girl next door image that makes it so sexy and makes me feel so confident when I do wear it.  Anything poetically feminine and artsy does it for me too, think chiffon, polka dots, vintage hats, thrift shop one of a kinds and the like.

What's your favourite date outfit and why?

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