Monday, June 27, 2011


Now normally I wouldn't kick up a fuss about gossip or rumours or any other sort of ''hype'' out there, but I'm actually seriously perturbed by this one.  And I really can't fathom it being true, but like everything else in life- hey, you never know.  And I've always lived by the fact that I don't put anything past anyone.

Lady Gaga is currently being sued for millions on allegations that she has scammed consumers on wristbands she sold for a relief effort for Japan following the horrible tsunami and earthquake.  I mean, really?  With all the talk of peace and love and helping one another this just seems either incredibly disappointing and just another confirmation that 99% of what stars put out there are what they want you to see or that rumours and gossip have no shame in how low they're willing to go to stir things up.

Funny enough, there's been no updates on any of her Facebook Fan page since Saturday.  Normally we could expect some sort of comment from the outspoken singer.   Let's just hope she's proven not guilty at the end of the trials this year. For Gaga lovers, this could almost be as bad as when you found out Santa wasn't real.


  1. seriously! I personally can't see it being true but at the very same time, I am surprised she hasn't come out with a comment against it. Therefore i'm thinking there must have been some serious profit made off the sales of these bracelets- and I'd like to see how much really went to relief efforts. here's hoping its not true. x