Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Little New York Flavour

Where Brooklyn At?

Somewhere in between the pounding of millioins of footsteps, trains screeching to a halt and journeying on again, deep within the vibrating concrete walls of a city that is permeating with distractions there is a mind at constant work, constant creation. 

One day I was walking around in downtown Manhattan , near Prince street and I just happened to be stopped in my tracks by some of the coolest art I had scene in some time.  There was something so urban about it, but there was this sense of strength and deepness and purpose that was coming from it all at once.  So I took a business card, I inquired more about their art work and bam, little while later I had a one of a kind creation sent over to me in Ireland.

I recently took the time to pick this creative mind.  To find out how it all began. And just who is the mastermind behind the art hanging on my living room wall and here is what he had to say.

''My flickr link on my info wall highlights the transition since day 2008 i linked up with mike (urnewyork) who at the time was just getting into art form more of a collective. when he got incarcerated ski(urnewyork) came in to assist with selling the art. we parted ways 2010.
i started my art from when i was doing graffiti by sneaking on rooftops and trains and the odds and ends of nyc industrialism and documenting it(photography) after doing a 8 months sentence and another 2 months for graffiti i made the transition into art while assisting my friend who taught me silkscreening(
my approach to art is unconventional...being i didnt study for it. since a young age(about 6) i was always into drawing and doing portraits. expressing my self visually. so everything i do is from trial and error and experience as well as being surrounded by talented people(i love to submit to knowledge)
you can say i def have started a movement because when i started in 2006 with by hand you couldnt find many young people seling art in soho in 2011 you come to soho and will see a plethora of younger people selling art...the pros ( as well as artwork that looks like mines ,,,the cons lol)

my art is inspired by everyday living. surroundings.people.movement. hip hop music...wutang at the most...thus the name destroy and rebuild which is based from the teachings of 5 percenters that i learned from the wutang)
my art is not based off graffiti was based off of my wanting to express myself...i have always considered my self an artist from day one...whether i make a dollar or not.whether i showcase or not. i am also into text/fonts....thats why i use alot of lettering/newspaper. writing.graffiti in my work....i also like to use alot of books i like to read into my work..oxidation to express the erosion and wear and tear of everyday. spray paint/enamel...water...i love to collage sometimes as well...(think rauschenberg and bearden)''

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