Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shake what ya mama gave ya- Thank God for Italian Vogue

So there is always the constant murmur about too skinny, too big.  We obsessively not only nag ourselves, but compare each other and are especially critical of the stars we love to hate.  We are forever holding ourselves, one another and those who grace the cover of magazines to some sort of wafer ideal that has led more than a few to death by malnutrition.  (Take for example,model sisters Luisel Ramos, 22 , and. Eliana Ramos, who both died of heart failure due to malnutrition.)

We roll our eyes at the sound of our friends saying they're too fat, but then secretly work out excessively or eat very little- all to fit this cookie cutter images we see (that are completely air brushed people!)  And even if some of them aren't; that poster doesn't know what's healthiest for you. YOUR BODY does. So if you can't be a size 6, who cares? Maybe you aren't meant to be.  Maybe you are a power house of a woman at a size 12 and you look damn good in it.

However, it is sad but true that we are pressured at every turn.  To be thinner, better, prettier as if all three words mean the same thing and the massive amount of super thin models we see only perpetuate this belief.  But finally, one of the greatest publications has lit up their cover with plus sized models.  Italian Vogue.  What a breath of fresh air and a reminder that beauty really does come in all shapes and sizes.  I can't tell you guys enough how pleased I am to see this.  If only we saw it a bit more, the younger generation of women coming into age could see that there is no ideal, only beauty in its natural form- whatever that may be for you individually.

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