Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Lovin'- Are we more amorous during the summer?

Oh summer flings- the stuff of fairy tales.  Hearts meet and set off on a whirlwind of passion and excitement, living completely in the moment.  Is it just me, or is anybody else noticing that summer seems to be a time for love and hooking up?  I mean after all, there are a lot of music festivals going on, beer gardens, holidays and more which all give people the opportunity to meet, but it's not like we sit at home under a rock the rest of the year!  There is always Christmas and New years that account for much of the babies born at the end of the year; but what is it about the summer that has us feeling those butterflies?

Now summer isn't only good for our tans and for taking fab trips with your best friends- it's actually great for our mood! Exposure to the sun has been shown to elevate mood and brain power.  It does so by producing more amounts of Vitamin D, which has been shown to keep us more emotionally stable and happy!  Inefficient exposure to sun has been shown to affect levels of depression (due to a lack or deficiency of Vitamin D).  Think- SAD disorder, seasonal defective disorder.  A deficiency of Vitamin D can make us feel less cheerful, which inadvertently effects the way we look at things and people.  (Who goes into a new relationship thinking negatively?)  But in the summer? - oh la la!  The extra portions of Vitamin D we're loading up on adds to the positive mood and perception we have of ourselves, our peers and possibly even relationships as a whole.  With all the happy go luckiness, how could one not be found attractive?  I mean after all- don't we all like to be with someone who is confident and happy? Could this be why many a  love bird find themselves in a summer fling?

What do you think? Are you feelin the love a bit more this summer?

Get your sunscreen and get on out there! (protect your skin of course and avoid excessive exposure!)

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