Thursday, June 16, 2011

We all love a good mani and pedi

Day in and day out we receive updates about what colours we SHOULD  be wearing.  And hey, I'm a fashion slave myself and love taking certain 'trends' and incorporating them into my own style.  Lately I've been seeing a lot of ideas thrown around for what is considered the 'hottest' colour to paint your piglets and digits this season.  I'd like to propose another option, because fashion should be fun right?  And it should be an extension of who we are and it's there to make our own.  It's one of the greatest non verbal communication methods out there.  

Instead of being one of those blogs that is giving girls certain nail polish colour trends as to which colours to wear during what seasons...I suggest you use the mood your in at the moment, the holiday you just came back from,or the bad date you had last week, your anticipation for the party you're going to this weekend.  I've always chosen nail colours based on their names whether it matches what's going on in my life or my mood at the time.

For instance- when I went through a bad breakup- I chose poker face - like put ur game face on b*tch! When deciding to move to Ireland or not for a relationship - my place or yours, a night out with the girls- cocktail hour.

So go ahead, have a little fun when picking out the next colour for your nails. 

A brand I find that has great names for nail polish is Opi, who Katy Perry actually had a colour line for or essie (love love love- and can be found in Debenhams).  Go on give it a go. Let your moods take you to your next shade.

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