Monday, July 25, 2011

BLAU VON T GUEST POST!- Cosmetic Surgery-how young is too young, how far is too far.

Like most people I at some staged pondered upon the question of whether or not I would have cosmetic surgery. I really don't think I would, my body is by no means perfect but I have come to accept these little insecurities that previously played on my confidence and I think that acceptance is a crucial part of growing older. 

I believe that for many cases of elective cosmetic surgery confidence outweighed acceptance, if not a persons own acceptance, that the concept of acceptance they have projected onto society. Are some physical traits too strongly connected with certain connotations? Are these connotations with which we want to be a part of are not? What happens then when cosmetic surgery becomes the method of the 'acceptance' of  disability? Who is made more comfortable by the surgical outcome; the patient or society?

In the UK a mother decided that her five year old daughter should undergo cosmetic surgery to avoid being teased about her facial features as a result of Downs Syndrome. Her mother was quited as saying; "Society is not going to change overnight so she has to fit into society rather than society fitting into the way she is."  She wasn't the first parent to do think this or the choose this sort of surgery but surely we are a society capable of greater, a society that won't put a child under the knife to correlate with our own sense of 'normal'. Learning to accept that which plays on our confidence which an essential part of life, should it not apply also to the confidence of the collective and not just the individual?

Blau von T

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Ah summer... (although it doesn't particularly feel too different to November right about now where I am)- is festival season for many of us.  A season of music loose materials and fabrics, care free confidence and a return to the natural.  It is a time when there seems to be a reemergence of the 'hippie' style.  And isn't kind of peculiar that we seem to become more relaxed and embody that fun loving positive attitude as well?  (Remember my post about the effects of the sun and vitamin d on our mood?)

  (this color is called free spirit)

Saturday, July 16, 2011


 We see it everywhere- fashion/gossip blogs, your favourite magazine, and even television; how to find star style without paying astronomical prices.  Each day we are given tips and solutions on how to find some of the best looks that celebrities have worn without hurting the piggy bank since after all, we don't have the same size bank accounts as celebs.

But how do these knock offs affect the supposedly original designers?  Should there be a kind of legislation that protects designs from being copied by other designers and/or companies?

The Council of Fashion Designers of America have campaigned to enact some sort of protection for original designs.

''One of the biggest differences in the new bill is that designers would have to prove that a copy is “substantially identical” to their originals, rather than “substantially similar.” And they would have to prove that their designs were truly original, that the defendant’s design was an infringement and that the defendant indeed had knowledge of their work.'' as stated in The New York Times.  

Allen Schwartz is the man who made it possible for budding brides all over the world to have the infamous Kate dress and for another lucky lady to wear the Pippa dress.

“Pretty much anything that is created in fashion, he argued, is the result of what is in the air, so if two people are doing the same thing, it means they are both on trend. It’s hard to prove because it’s not the truth. Can you imagine? These people would go around saying they made the first asymmetrical dress. It’s egocentric and it’ll never fly.” Mr Schwartz stated.

I have to say I kind of agree with him, although his dresses (as shown above) were in my opinion clearly made as a result of the Royal Wedding with knowledge it would sell for precisely that reason.

How do you feel about the possibility of it becoming harder to find reasonably priced versions of your favourite famous outfits?  Are you for further protection of designs?  Do you think it will work? Do you think designers should make their clothing more affordable in the first place as to deter people from buying knock offs?  (for every need and demand there is a market that will supply it)

Tell me your opinions.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011



''Michele Bachmann, the Republican presidential candidate, signed a Christian conservative pledge that stated that African American children were more likely to grow up in stable families during the era of slavery than under President Barack Obama.'' as stated by The Telegraph.

Obviously Mrs Bachmann has not read a descent history book in her entire life or she just does not understand what actually occurred during slavery and how viciously it ripped families apart.  This has to be one of the most ridiculous comments I have ever heard in my life.  I do understand the need to badmouth someone you are competing with in politics- it surely wouldn't be half as entertaining as it is if we didn't love to see candidates go head to head with one another.  For me, this is just the low of the low.  

 I promise we're not all this bad.  =/

Living shoes- taking eco friendly clothing a step further

 I've spoken  before in a previous blog about certain designers creating uber eco friendly ways to address the need for fashion and uniqueness. 

Tuscany-based artist Carmel Walsh has created shoes that are made of locally sourced walnut-wood base and then uses organic cotton, vegetable-tanned leather, bamboo and hemp. We have all at some point worn floral prints, flowers in our hair (more often the synthetic kind I'm sure) and some other trend representing another feature of nature, but who would have thought to have it actually growing out of their footwear? 

“What is born from nature returns to it in the end,” she tells Yatzer. “It is my hope that in their second life they will decay and grow as an art piece.”

You just might be able to take these shoes from one season to the next by changing the plants in the shoes, or simply  let them be what she intended for them at its end-art.  I personally think it would be really interesting to wear a pair of shoes like this and then use them as decoration around the house.  Another fashion idea that does not only rely on the more rustic uses of materials, but is also bringing us into a much brighter future.  Fashion is life- and for Carmel, hers just happens to be alive.

Friday, July 8, 2011


I've had quite an obsession with eating cherries lately.  Not such a bad craving right? what's even better is I loved the berry stained look I got on my lips afterwards (never mind the finger tips) hahaha! You should give it a go the way our ancestors did and use natural elements in nature.

just throw on some gloss or sparkle over it to complete the effortless look =)


So just got a peak at what's in store for us ladies at ASOS for the new season and I have to say I'm super excited.  Expect plaid, leather/dominatrix-ish looks, pastels and knee high boots (yes!), slouchy sweaters (oh my absolute fave!) and pencil skirts.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It was All Yellow - What I'm Wearing

All I know is I love my yellow shoes and I want to wear them like now.  I will probably go back and forth between these two outfits another 4 times (hahahaha!) too bad its raining today =(

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Heavy Metal Lover

Whip me, slap me, punk funk New York clubbers bump drunk Budlite liquors, bar slam -Move it, this is your  jam ,Wash the night, with St. Jameson ,Like, a baptism ,Heavy metal lovers play
Baby we were born this way...

Lady Gaga- Heavy Metal Lover