Monday, July 25, 2011

BLAU VON T GUEST POST!- Cosmetic Surgery-how young is too young, how far is too far.

Like most people I at some staged pondered upon the question of whether or not I would have cosmetic surgery. I really don't think I would, my body is by no means perfect but I have come to accept these little insecurities that previously played on my confidence and I think that acceptance is a crucial part of growing older. 

I believe that for many cases of elective cosmetic surgery confidence outweighed acceptance, if not a persons own acceptance, that the concept of acceptance they have projected onto society. Are some physical traits too strongly connected with certain connotations? Are these connotations with which we want to be a part of are not? What happens then when cosmetic surgery becomes the method of the 'acceptance' of  disability? Who is made more comfortable by the surgical outcome; the patient or society?

In the UK a mother decided that her five year old daughter should undergo cosmetic surgery to avoid being teased about her facial features as a result of Downs Syndrome. Her mother was quited as saying; "Society is not going to change overnight so she has to fit into society rather than society fitting into the way she is."  She wasn't the first parent to do think this or the choose this sort of surgery but surely we are a society capable of greater, a society that won't put a child under the knife to correlate with our own sense of 'normal'. Learning to accept that which plays on our confidence which an essential part of life, should it not apply also to the confidence of the collective and not just the individual?

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