Tuesday, July 5, 2011


 Lots of us love our accessories, but who wants to go around wearing the same thing as everyone else is?  I personally like to have one off pieces, or items that were made for or giving to me.  Coming straight out of my neck of the woods in America, I happen to be lucky enough to know a girl who is extremely talented at hand making jewelry that is both original and one of a kind.  She has created her own jewelry making company called aMuse yourself and I have to say the pieces range from thoughtful, to romantic to edgy.  Jacqueline is a true artist, not only amazingly talented in sketches and drawing but also in tangible creations. Jacqueline is a true poet of accessories.  

''...I am happy to offer you a unique collection of my handmade, inspired, and literally one-of-a-kind jewelry.

My personal style is somewhat eclectic and is reflected in the jewelry pieces and collections that I create. I am inspired by emotions, art, dreams, and nature, and my hope is that you will find inspiration in my edgy, sexy, fun and romantic hand-fashioned designs.''

 Go on- aMuse yourself:
where you can also find links to more creations coming from her very talented family including: 
handmade aprons, accessories, and home accents or original wall art and prints on canvas.

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