Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It was All Yellow - What I'm Wearing

All I know is I love my yellow shoes and I want to wear them like now.  I will probably go back and forth between these two outfits another 4 times (hahahaha!) too bad its raining today =(


  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE SECOND OUTFIT. Boyfriend chic/Polo-ppropriation/British high-society. Super Fab. Thanks for the idea.. When I have more $, will get one myself. though I doubt I'll look as fantastic as you.
    Oh yeah, the shoes.. could never rock yellow, but those look good. AND NEW GLASSES?!

  2. why thank you! yea i love that outfit too! yes theyre new glasses! im gettin gold! =/ i loev my yellow shoes!

  3. gettin' old duh-- although gettin gold might not be too bad either