Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Living shoes- taking eco friendly clothing a step further

 I've spoken  before in a previous blog about certain designers creating uber eco friendly ways to address the need for fashion and uniqueness. 

Tuscany-based artist Carmel Walsh has created shoes that are made of locally sourced walnut-wood base and then uses organic cotton, vegetable-tanned leather, bamboo and hemp. We have all at some point worn floral prints, flowers in our hair (more often the synthetic kind I'm sure) and some other trend representing another feature of nature, but who would have thought to have it actually growing out of their footwear? 

“What is born from nature returns to it in the end,” she tells Yatzer. “It is my hope that in their second life they will decay and grow as an art piece.”

You just might be able to take these shoes from one season to the next by changing the plants in the shoes, or simply  let them be what she intended for them at its end-art.  I personally think it would be really interesting to wear a pair of shoes like this and then use them as decoration around the house.  Another fashion idea that does not only rely on the more rustic uses of materials, but is also bringing us into a much brighter future.  Fashion is life- and for Carmel, hers just happens to be alive.

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