Monday, July 4, 2011

What I'm Wearing

Sorry guys, had no one to take a pic for me =( , but I actually loved the outfit so much I had to post it.  Nothing crazy going on here, maybe its just the mixture of the over-sized sweater and the hat (i'm obsessed with hats).

Hat- 9.99 euro New Look
nailpolish- 2.95 euro H&M (moody model)
Turquoise Ring- 4.00 Euro
Sweater- on sale 9.00 euro
jeans- they're a billion years old, bought them in new york ages ago and refuse to ever let them go


  1. oh my, you look gorgeous ! love the ring <3

  2. Oh margaret thank you!!! I always feel great in hats! I love that ring too! Xoxo