Monday, August 29, 2011

Nevermind the hair try Ombre Nails

Sorry it's been a while guys.  I was away in sunny Spain cooking away under the sun.  But here's a quick beauty tip for you guys while I finish unpacking.

We all know that the Ombre hair style was uber popular this year, but how about trying ombre nails?  If you've got lots of nail colours to choose from that are quite similar- lucky you.  Doing this artsy manicure should be a cinch.  The trick is to not deviate too far between colours.

Here is an easy and pocket friendly way if you don't have lots of similar nail colors in your collection. 

Start with four little paper plates and toothpicks.
  1. Apply base coat on nails.
  2. Clean off an empty polish bottle brush with nail polish remover.
  3. Paint your pinky nail the darkest color.
  4. Then apply a couple drops of the dark color on a plate and add one drop of white. Mix color together. Paint your next finger nail.
  5. Allow each nail time to dry before applying second coat of color. Clean off polish brush each time.
  6. For third nail, use 2 drops of white mixed into the dark color. Paint nail.
  7. Continue adding more white to dark polish for each nail you paint, making the color more gradiated as you go along.
  8. Finish with top coat.

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