Thursday, August 11, 2011

No More Lipstick On Your Teeth

Who doesn't love wearing a bombshell red lip color every now and again? I know I do.  But the most annoying thing can constantly be checking to make sure that colour has stayed on your lips and not on your pearly whites.  Hello embarrassment.  Who wants to be self conscious when they should be rockin it hard core?  I certainly don't want anyone wondering what's up with my grill because my lip colour has made its way to my laughing gear. Here's a few tips of mine for you girls to make that coloured pout stay put:

1. Exfoliate.  You can use a tooth brush to gently brush away any dead skin that may be lingering.

2.Moisturize: Rub a small amount of Vaseline on the lips to avoid the colour seeping into any of the lines in the lips.

 3. Primer and Foundation: Apply a small amount of primer and foundation to your lips.  This will help the colour stay put and also aid in it not seeping into lines.

4. Lip Liner: Try choosing a lip liner that is close to your natural lip color.  This also helps to keep that colour just where its meant to be-on your lips. Colour in the lip with a lip liner that is of a similar shade to the red you are daring to wear.

5. Colour the lip: Apply your red lip colour, preferably one of the matte or semi matte kind, with a lip brush (this allows for better precision).  Blot any excess colour with a tissue as normal.  Apply a clear gloss to the 'heart' of your lip which is more the center of the top and bottom if you want those bad boys to shine.

6. Pointer finger:  Take your pointer finger and place it between your lips as if you were going to suck on it and pull your finger out.  I know it sounds silly: but it works.  This will keep that colour on your mouth and not on your teeth.

Walah! You're on your way to a perfect red pout.


  1. Thanks donna! I love red lipstick just the whole lipstick on teeth thing is a nightmare. Hope it helps =)

  2. must commit to memory!